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    Anonymous asked: hey there! did you post something a while back about the falsity of the idea that someone can 'pull themselves up by their bootstraps' separate from society? it mentioned the fact that most doctors and educators have educations that are publicly funded, etc, so even if somebody is independently wealthy, they got that way because of chances and benefits they only received because they're part of a community that taxes its citizens.. it was really good and I am looking all over for it


    I’ve actually reblogged arguments along those lines several times, I’m pretty sure… publicly-funded education and infrastructure, gov’t subsidized food, transit, higher education and scholarships, post; they build their fortunes on the back of a system that is funded by taxpayers, but when they’ve finally made it, they don’t want to pay the club dues.

    I don’t think I’ve linked to it, but my favorite one along these lines is from ‘Alas, a Blog’:

    I think this is the one you were looking for, though?

    — 2 years ago