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    I have officially given up on my LCS. Light harassment and mocking me for the titles I want subs for? Nothing I haven’t dealt with before. Singling me out for pushing books at? Obnoxious as hell, but nothing I can’t ultimately ignore. But subscribing me to titles that I’ve never heard of before, sneaking them into the bottom of my pile, making me pay for them, and not actually giving me the books that I do want? (And having practically nothing in the way of backissues I could get my missing book from because, as the prick manager was so gleeful to point out when I set up my file, I was their only customer to order it?)


    Getting my monthlies in the mail from now on because I don’t have time for this shit.

    I remember a time when going to get my comics was actually something I looked forward to and not something I would put off because I hated the staff so much.

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      Oh, I already wrote them a big nasty review on Yelp. And yeah, lots of stores are great, my last one was a dream. But...
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      I just stopped going to mine for a bad reason :< The guys there were all really nice and didn’t ever bat an eyelid at...
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      Why not post the name and location of the shop? There are lots of great respectable comic shops that don’t pull this...
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      Ha! But for real, we don’t need comic shops that are anything like this.
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      Don’t anyone fool themselves, very often the greatest enemy of the comic book store is the friggin’ comic book store....
    6. minimusminor said: That really does suck. Does this sort of thing happen a lot with American comic stores? If any did that here the entire comic community would bomb them.