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    The Fed: Secret Loans Highlight How The Rich Play By A Different Set Of Rules


    “The Federal Reserve and the big banks fought for more than two years to keep details of the largest bailout in U.S. history a secret…. The Fed didn’t tell anyone which banks were in trouble so deep they required a combined $1.2 trillion on Dec. 5, 2008, their single neediest day. Bankers didn’t mention that they took tens of billions of dollars in emergency loans at the same time they were assuring investors their firms were healthy. And no one calculated until now that banks reaped an estimated $13 billion of income by taking advantage of the Fed’s below-market rates, Bloomberg Markets magazine reports in its January issue.”

    This is the “99 v 1” dynamic in a nutshell. The ultra-rich play by a different set of rules.

    It’s a completely different world up there, folks. Now the question is, do we just sit back and “get used to it”?

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Downloadable Posters HERE

Shit, I just want one to hang up in my room… design kicks ass.


    Downloadable Posters HERE

    Shit, I just want one to hang up in my room… design kicks ass.

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    "October 1, 2011 - TAMPA, FL - The Occupy Wall Street movement may have just received an unexpected surprise – United States Army and Marine troops are reportedly on their way to various protest locations to support the movement and to protect the protesters. Army serviceman Ward Reilly posted the following on Facebook: “I’m heading up there tonight in my dress blues. So far, 15 of my fellow marine buddies are meeting me there, also in Uniform. I want to send the following message to Wall St and Congress: I didn’t fight for Wall St. I fought for America."

    #OccupyWallStreet - ‘The Marines are Coming to PROTECT the Protestors’ | in5d Alternative News | | (via progressivefriends)

     I didn’t fight for Wall St. I fought for America.

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    I don’t even think thats the best line, here’s more of what the Marine said:

    My true hope, though, is that we Veterans can act as first line of defense between the police and the protester. If they want to get to some protesters so they can mace them, they will have to get through the Fucking Marine Corps first. Let’s see a cop mace a bunch of decorated war vets.

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    Okay, wow. I thought they were being “sent”, not going because they wanted to. This is awesome.

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