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    Trans Writer Janet Mock Opens Up About Piers Morgan Controversy, New Book →


    Great write-up summary of the turn of events, which following a personal discussion with someone, has challenged me to think about what it all means. 

    “I should have said something, as soon as he cut before commercial break and called me ‘a man’ — and they edited it to look like we were laughing after that, which was not the case — I should have just had a side note, and said something. But instead, I gathered myself, and I was like, this isn’t the interview I thought it was going to be. But I’m going to be pleasant, because I’m on mainstream television. Most people have not met a trans person before and I’m not going out as the quote unquote, angry black trans woman.”

    Who hasn’t had a moment like that… “I should have said something…” a repetitive silent self-beating, where we’re the last to forgive ourselves. I know I’ve been there many, many times.

    It’s also a discussion about ally-ship. What does that look like? An ally is not a tittle you throw on to yourself. It’s a constant state of evolution, education and action.”

    Furthermore, if a media interview is about challenging the subject, challenging people’s perceptions, how about us pushing back, challenging the media and demanding responsible journalism? Why should we settle for “coverage” if this coverage is not up to our standards?

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    Bisexual Books: I need everyone to stop scrolling for a minute and read this →



    Once upon a time there was a guy and his name is Ivo Widlak.  Ivo came to Chicago from Poland and decided he liked it here.   Ivo is bisexual and he works as a journalist exposing corruption in the Polish American community here in the US and back in his homeland.   And he met another bisexual and married her.

    And instead of living happily ever after, INS started investigating him and mysteriously loosing his paperwork then finally accusing him of having a fraudulent marriage because he’s really gay and looking for a green card.  

    This bullshit makes me so angry. Like rage-stabbity angry. In the words of Patrick Richards Fink"Erasing Widlak’s bisexuality and then using that erasure as grounds to break up a marriage is institutionalized biphobia, and has to end."

    Please take a moment to read Ivo’s story and sign his petition.   He has another hearing coming up in December 2013, and he needs all the support he can get.   

    - Sarah

    We need all American Citizens who believe in Marriage Equality and Journalistic Integrity to first Sign This Petition and then Reblog it. Thank you

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    Mexican Journalists Under Attack

    Journalists in Mexico are marking World Press Freedom Day by mourning the deaths of three colleagues killed in Veracruz.

    Their deaths highlight the risk many reporters take on a daily basis to do their job. Reporters Without Borders says worldwide, 67 journalists were killed in 2011.

    The latest killings in Mexico came less than a week after the murder of an investigative reporter in Veracruz, from where Al Jazeera’s Franc Contreras reports.

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    So, can I have Anthony Bourdain’s life or…?


    “Hi I’m Anthony bourdain and I’m a rich white guy with two tv shows where travel and I use my rich white privilege to make local people show me awesome stuff, and to make you know how awesome I am.”

    Though that episode in Osaka was pretty awesome. (I saw it when my dad was watching on his dvr during dinner)

    He’s really the only travel guy I watch (okay Andrew Zimmern is a guilty pleasure, and tbh that show has made me open to trying lots of different kinds of food), and that’s because he openly acknowledges the double-edged sword that is the brand of journalism/tourism that he does—i.e. the entertainment kind—and that he doesn’t really have any answers for the ethical dilemma that it brings up. I appreciate that he goes to these places and actually has an interest in getting to know the people there, instead of showcasing just how “weird” and “ethnic” they are. Or how much pity white, civilized folk should be giving them.

    I do remember an episode where he went to someplace in Asia, and there was a bit about some of the traditions in this one area about how to treat the monks, and he openly came out and said that he’s always kind of torn about the show because while he wants to show these amazing places and cultures, he doesn’t really want a bunch of rich westerners to wind up crawling all over and ruining the thing that made it great to begin with. He was basically trying to say “it always ends up turning into western imperialism”, but I’m sure the network wouldn’t have appreciated him being so frank.

    Anyways, Bourdain is a smart guy and he knows exactly what he’s doing.

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