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    Anonymous asked: do you know anything about biology? the words 'male' and 'female' literally mean you have either a penis or a vagina respectively. this has nothing to do with the words woman or man. anyone with a vagina is female, regardless of gender. same with males.




    Ok, so… this isn’t what this blog is about but since you brought it here we’ll go ahead and go there but for anyone who decides they need to respond this will be my only word on the subject, any future asks on the subject will be ignored.

    In short you are wrong.  The two sex binary is a flawed social construct that literally has no basis in reality whatsoever.  Some form if intersex characteristics happen in approximately 2% of all live births in humans.  That’s 2 out of every 100 which in a world with billions of people is a lot of people that don’t fit into either “male” or “female” and that obviously doesn’t include trans* people which makes the statistics higher.  And that also doesn’t include the people who aren’t technically intersex but also don’t fully fit the biological construct of what a male or female “should” be which is far far more people that you realize or most medical doctors willing to admit.

    In our society sexing is based on 5 criteria:

    • genes - XX or XY chromosomes with variations happening for XO, XXY, and XXX
    • gonads - ovaries or testes except that people with vaginas can have testes, people with penises can have ovaries, and people can be born with both ovaries and testes
    • genitalia - a penis or a vagina except that people can be born with both and men can have vaginas and women can have penises 
    • secondary sex characteristics - in theory men are supposed to have large amounts of thick, coarse body hair, a low waist/hip ratio, broad shoulders, undeveloped breasts, and deep voices while women are supposed to have small amounts of fine, light colored, soft body hair, a high waist/hip ratio, petite shoulders, developed breasts, and high voices except that in real life it’s entirely possible for people to have combination of those characteristics or for men to have “feminine” secondary sex characteristics and women to have “masculine” secondary sex characteristics
    • hormone patterns - in theory men are supposed to be high testosterone and low estrogen and women are supposed to have high estrogen and low testosterone but in reality there is far far more variation within “each” sex than between “each” sex including women having “masculine” hormone patterns and men having “feminine” hormone patterns all without those people having any sort of “disease” or “disorder” or anything being wrong with them at all.  

    Once we take into account all 5 of those criteria an actual majority of people don’t line up with either male or female in all 5 areas which means it’s not possible to classify most people along the strict binary the way people like you would like to.  So, sure, there are things in this world that qualify as technically male or technically female but the idea that there’s some sort of scientific basis for a strict binary where there are only ever two options and people are only ever male or female is laughable.  It’s utter bullshit and trying to force people into those boxes when they don’t fit does a hell of a lot more harm than good.  Nothing positive comes from that kind of bigotry while actually being willing to accept people as they are or as they choose to identify has legitimately positive outcomes in the world.  

    The main source material for all of this comes from Anne Fausto-Sterling’s book Sexing the Body.  She’s got a Ph.D. in biology so I’m pretty sure she knows what she’s talking about and I’m willing to bet she knows a hell of a lot more about this stuff than you do, dear anon.  Try educating yourself instead of pretending that you’re an expert because you spent a few weeks learning the bare minimum of this material in high school at some point in your life.

    this is the best post i’ve seen in a millennium

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    I didn’t think trying to savior porn gifs on my dash would be this fucking hard

    I can’t savior “gif” or “nsfw” because durr

    I can’t savior “porn” because stills and art are A-OK

    I can’t savior “sex” because that gets rid of pretty much every queer post that comes up

    Can we seriously start tagging gifs and gifsets made from pornos with, like “live action porn gif” or something like that? It’s irritating and somewhat rude to do if you’re not a porn blog, but it’s just made 100 times worse by the fact that I can hear the gifs because apparently I have gif synesthesia and ugh my head makes up Lovecraftian buzzing sex sounds instead of what would actually be there.

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    New study that female porn performers are not "damaged goods" →




    This isn’t to say that there aren’t still huge problems with the porn industry and even porn itself. Porn actresses are still paid less, on average, than their male counterparts, the industry is still majority white women, and there is plenty of evidence that actresses are often exploited by their employers. And this is without even touching the male gaze and abusive nature of a lot of porn - plots? scenarios? whatever you call them.

    BUT this study is important, because it reminds us not to generalize about a person based on their profession. Porn actresses are professionals doing a job, and there is no reason to regard them as victims or somehow damaged. That simply isn’t the case for these women, or for sex workers in general. 

    I know a lot of the sex workers (not just porn stars) I’ve talked to have said if anything their work gave them a higher self esteem and sense of worth. I definitely think that these stereotypes about sex workers needs to go away. It’s fine to look at sex work in general critically, just as we need to do so for every profession or our economic structure and society in general, but judging sex workers is not okay.

    Hmm, I’ve definitely read that female porn performers are paid more than men since the sex industry is the only one in which females are consistently paid more than men. However, I can’t seem to find any sources that support this claim. (Any help, folks?)

    Another problem with the porn industry: the racism. Beyond just the stereotypes that they utilize and make money off of, the pay gap is ridiculous. Women of color are paid half to three quarters of what white actresses tend to make.

    Anyway, the study shows that the porn actresses:

    • enjoyed sex more than the matched sample,
    • were no more likely to have experienced child sexual abuse
    • had higher levels of self-esteem, positive feelings, social support, sexual satisfaction, and spirituality

    What i had always hated about arguments saying that porn stars *must* be sex abuse victims or something else, is that it is somehow used to justify judging their decisions or taking away their agency. That is not feminists, regardless of what your feelings on porn are.

    So yeah - the more you know! Can’t wait to see more studies about this.

    I can’t believe that we’ve got to scrutinize the workers and make sure they’re clear before we can get around to scrutinizing the industry that they work for. 

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    Ladies and Gentlemen, the Prime Minister of Australia kicking ass and taking names (mostly Tony Abbott’s). [x]


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    Nico Lang: "Trampire:" Why the Public Slut Shaming of Kristen Stewart Matters for Young Women →

    I might not be concerned for K-Stew, but I am concerned for my younger stepsister who has pictures of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson on her walls, who idolizes and worships them, and who might grow up to hate Kristen Stewart for reasons she doesn’t understand. I’m worried she will be taught that it’s not okay to mess up, learn from it and apologize, because no one wants your apology, just your suffering on camera. I’m worried that she’ll think its okay to harass and threaten women for their indiscretions, even if men get off scot-free. I’m worried she will think this culture of bullying, slut-shaming and rhetorical violence against women is the norm, because you get a t-shirt for it. I’m worried she will learn to internalize the shame brought on far too many women today, for having sexualities, for not being perfect, for not fitting into a box. I’m worried she’ll believe men like Todd Akin, Paul Ryan and Mike Huckabee are right.

    No one likes a woman that wants or tries to pick herself up after falling down. Women get one chance, and men get many.

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    Shout out to the Nice Guys (tm) out there who need to see this.

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    "We often talk about the “school-to-prison pipeline” for boys —but for girls, it is a totally different narrative, more readily identified as the “sexual-violence-to prison pipeline.” According to the Office of Juvenile Justice Delinquency and Prevention, approximately 600,000 girls are arrested in the U.S. annually. Most of these girls are remanded for non-violent offenses such as truancy, running away, loitering, alcohol and substance use, and violations to prior court orders for non-violent status offenses. Moreover, evidence shows that 73 percent of girls in juvenile detention have previously suffered some form of physical or sexual abuse. This abuse is often the factor that propelled the child into the juvenile justice system, as it is often the abuse that is the root cause of the girls’ running away, becoming truant, substance abuse, etc. Family court judges and detention center staff are rarely provided appropriate trauma training and are generally unaware of the damaging impact of policies such as strip searches, physical restraints, and particularly solitary confinement on survivors of physical and sexual abuse and trauma. There is a growing body of evidence that demonstrates the severe psychiatric consequences of placing individuals, and particularly children in solitary confinement. Prisoners who have experienced solitary confinement have been shown to engage in self-mutilation at much higher rates than the average population. These prisoners are also known to attempt or commit suicide more often than those who were not held in isolation. In fact, studies show that juveniles are 19 times more likely to kill themselves in isolation than in general population and that juveniles in general, have the highest suicide rates of all inmates in jails. Despite all these facts, when girls in the juvenile justice system express evidence of or the desire to self harm, the typical response is to put them in solitary confinement. While these girls are being placed in solitary for their own protection, there is no consideration given to the fact that such practices deepen existing trauma."
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    Advocating Progress: breanieswordvomit: foulmouthedliberty: indigenousfeminist: “Men’s... →




    “Men’s indifference to learning about contraception and to taking any responsibility for it is a theme that emerges from many reports of projects that have attempted, and failed, to reach and educate men. One of the most successful programs of contraception education for men, a Planned Parenthood project in Chicago, abandoned its attempts to reach men over the age of twenty-five when it was found that these men simply would not participate, even when offered beer, sandwiches, free condoms—and “stag” movies. Instead, the project targeted a younger group, and as part of its research the project conducted a survey of over a thousand men aged fifteen to nineteen:

    • These young men were asked whether they agreed with the statement “It’s okay to tell a girl you love her so that you can have sex with her.” Seven out of ten agreed that it’s okay.

    • They were asked whether they agreed with the statement “A guy should use birth control whenever possible.” Eight out of ten disagreed and said a guy should not.

    • And when asked, “If I got a girl pregnant, I would want her to have an abortion,” nearly nine out of ten said no, they would not want her to have an abortion. These teenage men agreed: Deception to obtain coital access is okay; male irresponsibility in contraception is okay; but abortion is not okay—“because it’s wrong.”

    Largely because of attitudes such as these, one million teenage women—one tenth of all teenage women—become pregnant each year, and two thirds of their pregnancies are not wanted.”

    —John Stoltenberg, Refusing to be a Man

    This is all the more disturbing when you consider the vast majority of our lawmakers are male.


    Well this is horrifying

    What’s even worse is that I’m not in the least bit surprised. And that the book is only 12 years old.

    "On the postpartum floor of a large New York City hospital, Dr. Maria Boria-Berna interviewed 130 women who had just given birth and approximately 100 men who had impregnated them. She asked the men how they felt about their wife’s using birth control. The majority of men "did not like the idea at all." She asked the women how they felt about using birth control, and eight out of ten replied that they "favored contraception without reservation." But about half the women favoring contraception said that if their husband objected, they would defer and not use any. […]

    In this phallocentric culture, a woman’s unwillingness to admit a man’s “manhood” and accept his proferred “seed”—or a woman’s unwillingness to incubate the stuff—is felt at some level to be an act of violence against men’s personhood. Since phallic personhood is contingent on female deference, nurturance, and sustenance all its life in order to differentiate and thrive, any female noncooperation—whether in fucking or breeding—is perceived as an attack on men’s core selves. […]

    I believe that men as a class know that reproductive freedom for women is not in men’s interest. Men know this in their guts. Men as a class know that if reproductive freedom for women ever became a reality, male supremacy could no longer exist. It’s as simple and logical as that; and men’s laws, men’s dollars, and men’s gods serve that knowledge.”

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    fuck yeah sex education: 6 Things Sex and Body Positive Lists Could Be More Positive On →


    There are plenty of sex positive and body positive lists and posts around on tumblr that try to combat the poisonous things especially people commonly identified as women get taught by mainstream society every day.
    Unfortunately, in their enthusiasm to counter these things,…

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    "Racism in America’s police force is linked to their role as keepers of the status quo in an unequal society. They enforce laws written by politicians on behalf of the wealthy — laws that end up trapping poor and working-class people in desperate lives. Racial and sexual minorities, legal and illegal immigrants are seen as threats to the social order. When we protest the law and “occupy” a space we are beaten and arrested. When we commit a crime to “get some” we are beaten and arrested. And when we do neither but simply live we’re busted to make a cop’s stop-and-frisk quota."
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